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an interesting day for all the three teams Fulham gave Arsenal a run for there money, it wasnt till the last few mins that Alexander Hleb slotted in a last-gasp winner.

ManU had to settle for an interesting draw, in the process Rooney twisted his ankle.

Birmingham also threatened Chelsea, the match ended in a 3-2 draw


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I was shocked to see peoples response to UMAIR’S earlier post. Seems like most of you are living in denial. Seems like it is very hard for the Karachi’ities to accept reality. Any city where a girl cannot walk to the corner of her own gali, without the fear of being disturbed by strangers is not safe, a city where u can be roobed whereever and whenever aint safe, a city whose streets are being used by the terriorist as a battelfield cannot be considered as being safe, a city where the authorities are the one’s robbing AWAM can not be termed as being safe at all. Why is it that we over look all the problems when it comes to defending our city,  we choose to turn a blind eye and pretend as if  we are living in a perfect world. Too be honest if we want our city to progress we need to realise where the problem lies and work towards eliminating them.

so people wake up and realise karachi is not perfect no are u;)

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Well Done INDIA

India stands on the verge off a series victory against englans, so far it has been a team effort, more after the actually win

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Born in Jungle Sher Khan
In summer Sharbat Khan
In war Barood Khan
Near ocean Samandar Khan
Near garden Gul Khan
Born premature Masti Khan
Born in anger Ghazab Khan
In Horror Haybat Khan
In Love Mohabbat Khan
With abnormal feature Ajab Khan

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Hats off too Sussex

Thanks to a brilliant 195 by  RR Montgomerie, sussex have managed to save the game after being set a momentus 504 by Warwickshire for victory. Earlier in the second year thanks too the Mushy Magic sussex was able to restrict Warwickshire too 238. Mushy took 7/111, whereas in the first innings Saqlain took 5/96


Warwickshire 433 & 238
Sussex 168 & 405/5 (150.0 ov)

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Footy update

Thanks too a late goal by Michael Chopra sunderland own there first match against tottenham, on the other hand Sven return was alos marked with a win and Man City truly desrved it, and derby’s first outing eneded up in a well fought 2-2 draw against portsmouth in other results

everton defeated wigan 2-1

Middlesbrough 1-2 Blackburn

Middlesbrough 1-2 Blackburn

Gerrard scored the winner for liverpool in the 87th minute against Aston ville,  bravo bravo final score 2-1 to liverpool

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Razzaq being stupid

Razzaq has not yet bothered signing the central contract,as he is not happy with the way PCB is treating him. According to the comments made by him in an interview he is not respected enough by the PCB, come to think off he is what he is because of PCB, the message he is sending out is that he is bigger then the game. He was also reported to have said that he is seriously considering the ICL offer, he if does decide to play for ICL that would be share stupidity and nothing else

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