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street cricket

I have a vision, some might think I am crazy but this is oe of the things I want to achieve before I am laid to rest.

So basically I want to use street cricket to  unite the communtiy, we are going to start at a small scale. Initally by introducing 7 a side street cricket league.  On a two tier bases between the 20 towns in karachi. The matches would actually be planned on streets, we would like to get KCCA invovled, along with other cricket academies. This will help them identitfy and groom the talent. The tournament will expand over two months, the months of school summer break.

The problems we need to tackle.

1)How big we want this to be

2) How are we going to unite the town’s

3)the biggest question of all finances

hmmmmmmmm, the first question weface is how to unite everyone. After all we all now that there are tens and thousands of street cricketers on the street of karachi. How are we goin to narrow them down to 150.   Surely some towns would be better then the others, but we need to work on bringing out the best from all around the city for the league to be compatitive. We plan on having open trails under the supervision of proper selectors that is one of the reasons why we need to get the K.C.C.A involved.  Another important question is how do we motivate the players,  surely the occasion should be enough for the players themselves, but for the families to allow them to participate in an event like this money would be a serious issue. Pursuing the council and the K.C.C.A would be a task in itself.  To be able to pusue them we would need a major sponsor and a clear vision, along with maybe the help of GEO.  😉

futher plans to be revelead later


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getting married

for godsake, i’m 20 and have not achived anything thing and my folks want me too get married. Bad enough at it is, I am supposed to get married to my cousion. They have also helped me narrow down the options to two, lucky me lol.

Seems like a joke to me but the scary part is that they are not joking, shit!!!!!!

My brother hmmmmmmmm will get back to him later. So one of the options is x, she is like 2 years younger then me have kinnda growen up with her. I wasnt really close to her or anything but would like to think that i do now her a bit, seen her grow up and everything. The thing with X is that she is intelligent and has always been sucessfull as far as i know with what ever she sets foot in, she is good at academics and know what she is talking about and all basically she is smart. Too be honest i dont think I am worthy of her, she deserves a lot better then me, although she might not get it because of finances and family reasons. She basically is a pathan, I do not have any problems with that, but you know the way they think. If i do get to marry her I think I would have to alter my plans for the future and am not even sure if I would be able to live her to her expectations.

Whereas this other girl natasha she is my mamo’s dhaughter she is knid off a desi blonde, has brains but no common sense for wht I know atleast good friend with her, she has just finished her o’levels, dont think she is going to get along with my mother, has never lived in pakiland beeen there on vacation but its different. The twist with her is that I am pretty sure that my mamo does not see me as a damad material, but my family has done a few favour to him, the problem that he faces is that he would not be able to say no, but i am dead sure he will not accept me as his damad . He is a bit materialistic and I in my life have achieved nothing lol. He might say NO to me and that might cause some tension and I am not even sure if i would be able to live with her .

A problem with X is that she is my brothers sister in law and her parents might not be able to turn me down because of the fear of dosri bati. Now the thing is too of my closet friends who I would dicuss this kind of situation with are my cuz both of them related to the girls.


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60 years

lovepk.jpgAltaf hussein once famously said partion was the biggest mistake ever, how true was he.

With the 60th anniversy of independence around the corner what have we really achived. Muslim’s wanted an independent state back in the day, but how independent are we. With the judicary all over the place, a dictator leading the country and the threat of taleban hanging over your heads no doubt the country is in turmoil.

Allama Iqbal as we all know had dreamt of a state where muslims lived in no fear. On 23rd march 1940 when Mr. Jinnah addressed the audience at minto park, he presented them with an idea of a homeland where they had the oppurnity to excel in what ever field they chose, where there was no discrimination on bases off class, race or ethnicity. Millions of people miggarated in order to enjoy the freedom, the independence that there leaders had fought for, many of them specially those trying to come over to the pakistan site of Punjab unforunately did not make it and were never able to enjoy the so called freedom.

And 60 years down the lane , I ponder if those lives were wasted. After all we live in a soceity that is controlled by an army dictator, the awam has no say, the gap between the upper and the working lower class is wider then ever. Apperantly the ceonomy is growing but it doesnt really seem to be benifiting the mazdoor. Unforunetly despite having our own home land we still live under fear, the fear of being robbed, the fear of political parties. These PARTIES who are supposed to be protecting us, look for every oppurnity to exploit the awam. Corruption prevails in the society, the principals the country was founded on have faded away with time.

I personally belive its us the people who are responsible for the mess the country is in right now. If we want to progess and take the country forward we need to unite under the banner off patriotism, rather then going about killing each other for no good reason, we need to focus on working towards empowering the generations to come, we need to educate the mazdoor by speaking his language, after all remeber people change is inevitable and now is the time we work towards it.

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